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Communion Meditations (2006)

Wait For Each Other

Originally delivered August 20

The man is well known to you;  by the end of this description you might even find that he is you. 

If he arranges to meet at a particular time, he is punctual.  At a board meeting he’s there a little early, but never late.  If he walks in by himself even a minute late, he apologizes.  When he’s expected, he arrives—on time.

However, on Sunday morning at the worship service it’s a different story.  About five or ten minutes into the service you will see him and his wife quietly entering through a side door, politely attempting to avoid distracting everyone else.  The reason, of course, is his wife.

Oh, it’s not like he hasn’t tried to correct this.  Don’t bother suggesting that they get an earlier start.  They’ve tried that—and arrived even later.  You’ll notice, however, that he never says a word to her about this, at least not in the hearing of anyone else. 

You see, he has learned to wait upon his wife.  It is a valuable lesson and should probably be added to the high school curriculum. 

But did you know that the Scripture specifically commands us to wait for each other in the matter of the Lord’s Supper? 

So then, my brethren, when you come together to eat, wait for one another.

(1Co 11:33 NASB)


Paul had to tell the Corinthians this as they were in the habit of first come, first served.  But the church is commanded to wait for each other.  Why?

· First, so that the body of Christ might be one.  Drive-thru communion divides the body; waiting for each other unites it.

· Next, so that we will judge ourselves, not others.  We might well begin with our impatience.

· Finally, so that there will be no favoritism seen in the church. 

In waiting there is strength (Isaiah 40:31).  But in waiting for our Lord we learn the valuable lesson that He moves in His time—not according to your watch.  Indeed, we are to wait upon the Lord until He comes again; may He find us faithful and vigilant in our waiting.

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