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Communion Meditations (2020)



Originally scheduled for April 26

Permit me, if you will, to pose to you a hypothetical problem. The problem comes in the form of a person, as these things often do. She is 16 years old, not yet out of high school, and she is pregnant. Her male partner is nowhere to be found, having left the area at the first hint of the word “baby.” What is your reaction to this? Let me submit to you three possible answers.

·         You may look at this as a taxpayer. And therefore it may be obvious to you that this is a situation in which you would waste the taxpayers money, but given the times it is probably unavoidable. You don’t like it, but you’re a taxpayer and you’re going to have to pay for it.

·         Perhaps you might say something like this: isn’t there some agency affiliated with the church that handles these things? A counseling service of some sort? If it’s not associated with the church, there are certainly some charities that handle these things, right? Get their business card and give it to her.

·         But what if she knows your name? I don’t mean your first or last name, I mean the name she has called you by for all of her life: “grandpa.” Think that one over.

There are some principles we can see in action here.

·         Your response to the situation depends on how you see the young lady. If you see her as foolish, wasteful and in need of being straightened out, your reaction will be rather stern. Being her grandfather, however, changes your response.

·         The more you love the young lady, the more expensive your response is going to be. Love never comes cheaply. She is no less a sinner for it, but you do see the problem differently.

·         Love in any flavor carries with it a financial cost but also carries in this instance a cost of forgiveness. There is no sense lecturing your new great-granddaughter about how foolish her mother was. Forgiveness will ultimately be necessary; it usually easier to arrange it as soon as possible.

Let me submit to you that the example of Christ, our Savior, is highly instructive. He too sees us as sinners; his sacrifice on the Cross shows us his love for us. More than that it shows us his forgiveness for us, bought at the price of the crucifixion. Forgiveness is expensive; what a blessing it is for us.

In the elements of communion you see the body of Christ, the bread, and the blood of Christ, the cup. You are to take these with serious self-examination, but also with joy: the God of the universe loves you and forgives you. He is your Heavenly Father and he wants you home. Examine yourself; remember the sacrifice and rejoice in the love.

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