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Communion Meditations (2020)


Great Price

Originally scheduled for January 12

Mark 13:45-46

This parable of Jesus is usually known by its King James title: the Pearl of Great Price. In this parable Christ brings us one of the most important aspects of the church: the incredible risk taken by this merchant to get this incredible value. Becoming a Christian is not a halfway matter. To begin with, consider that the merchant here obviously was in the pearl business. He was looking for pearls. The sinner should be a seeker likewise. May we point out three things about this merchant?

·         He found that pearl. He was doing the looking, and with the kingdom of God he who seeks, finds.

·         He found one of great value. There is no sense given to the idea that we may pick and choose among religions, because it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you are sincere. There is only one way to the Father.

·         He found one of great value. The trivial didn’t interest him. He was looking for something costly, and found it. This is a man who would not consider a yoga class to be true spiritual enlightenment.

Then please note the man’s reaction.

·         He went away. His purchase was not a spontaneous, spur of the moment emotional thing but rather one of thought, then action.

·         He sold everything. He gave up all the other valuable things he had for this one item. If you do not put Christ first in your life, are you really a Christian?

·         Then he made the commitment: he had the money in hand and he went and purchased the pearl. No “buyer’s remorse,” but determination to get the one thing of value. He did not wander into buying that pearl.

The kingdom of God, we are told, is that pearl of great price. So we might ask:

·         Do you seek, or have you found, the one source of truth in this universe?

·         Have you felt its value — the cost of Christ giving his life on the cross?

·         Have you “sold everything?” Is Jesus Christ really number one in your life?

If so, then take communion with a good heart today. Remember that it recalls to your mind the great price that Christ paid — and the great price you pay for being a Christian. You are taught to examine yourself before doing this, so that you may repent as needed. Remember, that repentance restores your relationship to him. Seek the pearl; then do not let it slip away.

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