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Communion Meditations (2017)

Right Response

Originally scheduled for September 10

It is a rare thing to encounter a gray fox in the western United States. They are indeed beautiful creatures, noted for a long, full tail. My wife and I encountered one at a roadside park while on vacation. It was early in the evening which is apparently the best time of day to hunt for mice. We tried not to get too close and frighten the animal, but watched it from a distance.

As we were leaving the park, chatting about the fox, a couple came riding in on rather loud motorcycles. We stopped them, explained that there was a gray fox over there and invited them to take a look quietly. They immediately silenced their motorcycles and walked delicately over to where the fox was. They, like us, had the right response to seeing a rare and beautiful animal. It is natural for the human being to admire such a thing. It is also right for the human being to praise the Creator of such things. If you admire the works of the Lord, then you should be willing to give praise for the worker who gave them to you.

In the matter of praise we may take our example here from King David. At the end of his life he has provided the material that Solomon will need to build the temple. When it is clear that nothing now stands in the way, David praises God in these three ways.

·         He praises God for his eternal nature — unchanging, and therefore constantly to be relied upon.

·         He praises God for his perfection, his perfect greatness, power and glory.

·         He praises God for his care for his people.

May I suggest to you that communion deserves this same kind of praise? It reflects God’s nature as well as being his creation.

·         By his eternal nature, we know that the offer of grace will not be withdrawn until the time set for it.

·         By his perfection, we know that there are no hidden items in his grace, but rather all is displayed so that you might know the nature of grace.

·         And it is a reflection of his eternal love, shown on the cross, and now symbolized in the bread and the vine of communion.

It is the right response of mankind to admire the work done at Calvary, to be grateful for it and to praise its architect as He rightly deserves. Communion is an act of praise for the God who came among us, and sacrificed himself for us. It is praise as well as remembrance.she was bored you

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