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Communion Meditations (2017)


Originally scheduled for April 23

It is commonly known among youth ministers that the testimony of Christians, sitting around a campfire, goes in a particular order. The youth minister will ask for volunteers, and then select the one with the mildest story to start. It quickly becomes a game of “Can You Top This?” The first person to answer is just setting the bar for the rest. If your story doesn’t match up to his or hers, you remain silent. It’s kind of like somebody is telling you the story of how he piloted a three masted clipper ship through a hurricane, while you were in the process of rowing a rowboat around in the eye of the storm. Christ tells us there is more rejoicing for the one lost sheep than the 99 that are already saved. It’s natural to think that we just missed something. And every Christian does like to hear those kind of stories.

What if you are the one in the rowboat? One of those who is forgiven little, not forgiven much? Like many of us, you are perfectly willing to pray for the missionaries overseas; but it seems rather trivial to ask God to get you the right painting contractor for your house. Most of us are “rowboat Christians”; we need to remember that God sweats the small stuff too. Even if you don’t have a thrilling testimony — the author of this meditation has an extremely dull and boring one — you still count. It’s like football; there are 3 or 4 men who get all the glory, but without the linemen upfront they get nothing.

That’s why our Lord instructed all of his disciples to drink from the Lord’s Supper that night. That included Judas, by the way (Matthew 26:7). You probably noticed in communion that it’s not restricted to just the super-Christians. For indeed, we are told that we are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28)

Remember, we are saved not by what we did, or what we experienced — but by his work of sacrifice. To take communion is to remember this. Those who meaningfully partake of communion are “on the team.” We are all his children. Indeed, as some have said, “the ground is level at the foot of the Cross.”

So, as you partake today, remember that this is his body and his blood. Given for you as an atoning sacrifice, you don’t have to be super-Christian. You just need to be one of God’s children. Therefore, examine yourself carefully; repent as you must — and remember the sacrifice He has given you.

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