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Communion Meditations (2017)


Originally scheduled for May 14

One of the more significant symbols in Christian art is the lighthouse. Curiously, the lighthouse itself taken alone is not much help for navigation. What else might you need?

·         First and foremost, you’re going to need a chart. You need a protractor to draw the angled line back from the lighthouse to the position of your ship — but first you’re going to need a chart.

·         As a matter of fact, one lighthouse is nice to have but it really helps to have two landmarks. Maybe the second one isn’t a lighthouse, but it’s gotta be something readily identifiable that’s already marked on your chart.

·         One thing you’ll find out: the value of a lighthouse and a chart in a protractor and maybe another landmark is much greater on a dark and stormy night than a warm and sunny afternoon.

There are certain parallels here to Christian life facing communion.

·         We take communion regularly, and it is often a chance for us to examine ourselves spiritually. But communion alone is not sufficient; you need that chart, the Scriptures. And if I may stretch the analogy just a bit, you need the protractor of prayer as well.

·         You do get two points here; the body and the blood of Christ. They should cause you to think about your relationship to your Lord — what he has done for you.

·         And as I’m sure you have found out, communion often means an awful lot more when you are facing the crises of life — death, sickness and the things that can happen in human relations.

There are some images here that we need to remember as we partake in communion.

·         Like reading the chart, do you read the Scriptures regularly, using your Bible as a guide to your life? Do those words mean something?

·         Do you have more than one landmark? Do you rely on more than one person to guide you in your Christian walk? Nobody’s perfect; it’s best to have more than one counselor.

·         Have you been through the test with Christ, the dark and stormy nights of the soul when the world swirls around you and makes no sense?

If you have, then you know the worth of the navigational tools given to you to examine yourself, therefore, so that you might partake in a worthy manner. And if the lighthouses in your life are flashing warning, take heed.

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