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Communion Meditations (2017)

Lamb of God

Originally scheduled for January 29

In a loud voice they sang: "Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!"

(Revelation 5:12)


Most Christians today find the concept of the “Lamb of God” to be rather eerie.  It’s an example of how the Jewish system of sacrifices has become foreign to us.  First announced by John the Baptist, this concept tells us that Christ became the atoning sacrifice for our sins – a role played by lambs in the Old Testament Law. In this passage, John the Apostle shows us that, being the Lamb of God, Christ is entitled to our worship. It’s broken down here into seven points. If he receives these things, it’s only because we display them to him.

·         Power. Are you one of those people who has the authority to command others? How you do this is a reflection of the Christ within you.

·         Wealth. We take this to mean both physical wealth, of the earthly type, and spiritual wealth. Take a look at your checkbook and see where the money’s going.

·         Wisdom. Related to the fear of God, it carries with it the idea that you listen to the counsel of the Scriptures in making your decisions. It may also include seeking out the advice of one who is older and more experienced. Do you do this?

·         Strength. This could mean something physical; are you available to help when somebody needs something moved? It could be something emotional; are you the rock they can depend on? And it could be something spiritual. We all value the efforts of a great prayer warrior.

·         Honor. Do you honor Christ in your conduct and in your speech?

·         Glory. The word has almost gone missing from the English language. But is Christ the one in your life to whom you ascribe greatness?

·         Praise. Do you acknowledge his blessings in all things? This is more than just lifting your voice and song; it’s living a life that praises God.

At Communion you proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior. You tell the world that you are relying upon him to come through at the last trumpet, raise you from the dead in the forgiveness of sins known as grace. But you also proclaim him as Lord, the one entitled to give you orders by his very nature. Looking over these seven different things, it may be fruitful to you to ask where you fall short. Think on these things; then as you partake give glory to God because he is merciful to sinners — even to the point of becoming the Lamb of God.

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