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Communion Meditations (2017)


Acts 2:34

Originally scheduled for March 12

The word “continually” carries with it in the original Greek the idea that someone is constantly diligent in doing something. It’s not something we did once; it’s something we do all the time. Here, Luke tells us the four things that the early church did continually.

The Apostle’s Teaching

This seems pretty obvious to us; after all, it is the root idea of all of the other items on the list. It’s rather convenient in this instance that the apostles are still around, so of course the early church took advantage of that but it’s very much necessary to do this. If you don’t, then everyone invents his own doctrine and division in the church is inevitable. If you will see it, the Apostle’s Teaching is a source of unity in the church.


Humans are social creatures. If you want them to work together you need to establish a sense of fellowship. You cannot do this exclusively in an intellectual manner, for Christianity is not just an intellectual pursuit. It’s wonderful that you have C. S. Lewis; sometimes you also need fried chicken. But when you have good Christian fellowship, it is a source of unity in the church. You may not understand the fine points of doctrine, but if you shared a meal with someone you come closer to them.


If doctrine is eternal, then prayer is immediate. We pray for one another on the basis of what our needs are at the moment. Indeed, Christians almost instinctively reach out to other Christians to ask for prayer at the moment of crisis. It’s a form of sharing the load. When you beseech Almighty God for the same thing your neighbor is asking, that is also a source of unity in the church.

Breaking Bread

You might wonder why communion is on this list. The first three are pretty obvious, but the reason for communion being so important comes from the very nature of human communication. This is symbolic communication, which is the highest form of communication of which we know. Communion tells us the central fact of Christianity: Christ died for sinners — he is our Atonement. Each and every one of us needs a Savior; he is the only one that can do the job. And yes, this too is a source of unity in the church.

As you partake, ask yourself if you have anything against your brother. If you do, resolve to resolve it. Ask yourself if there is any sin in your life. If there is, confess it to God, repent and ask his aid in getting rid of it. Then, with proper respect take the cup and break bread with your Christian brothers and sisters, united in the church.

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