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Communion Meditations (2017)


Originally scheduled for January 22

Most of us have a calendar we keep. It’s somewhat of a misnomer; because we often use the same book or software application to record such things as to-do lists and names and addresses as well as the appointments we wish to keep. If you have a smart phone, or a computer, or some other electronic device like that you probably keep it on that device. But the purpose is the same as your grandmother’s little booklet that she kept in her purse: contacts, appointments and a to-do list.

Perhaps you never thought about it, but you don’t actually learn anything from your calendar. Think about it: if there are names and addresses in your calendar, you put them in there. You may have loaded someone else’s list or typed it in yourself. The same sort of thing happens with appointments; you don’t learn from them, you write them down. You put actions on your two-do list yourself. In a sense you don’t ever learn anything from your calendar; your calendar remind you of the things you should already know. As Samuel Johnson once said, “Men more frequently require to be reminded than informed.” So the purpose of a calendar really is to make sure you don’t forget something that’s important.

Communion serves much the same purpose. Like my calendar, it reminds me.

·         It reminds me of who Christ is. Like my address book, it tells me who Christ is. This is God in the flesh, the suffering Savior, the Lamb of God.

·         It reminds me that I have appointments — in particular, appointments that I have no choice about keeping. It reminds me that I am going to die, for that is appointed to mankind. It also reminds me of the coming resurrection by the power of the Holy Spirit. Last in sequence but not in importance, it reminds me of the Day of Judgment — and therefore warns me to be ready.

·         If I am alert, it will also remind me of things I need to do. Do I approach the throne of grace without having forgiven someone? I need to be forgiving as Christ is forgiving. I also need to commune with Him. I need to establish a prayer life that thanks him for what he has done for me. I need a prayer life that tells me where and when and how I should obey.

Someday this will end. We are told that we are to remember him in Communion “until he comes.” So until then we take the cup and the bread to remind ourselves of the sacrifice which made Christ our Savior. Until he returns, we live in his grace. Just thought I’d remind you of that.

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