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Letters from an Ancient Mind

My dear young friend,

From your point of view I can see the discouragement. You have worked hard to please this man, and nothing has come of it. But of this comes a lesson: you were working for the wrong man.

By that I do not mean you selected your labors poorly. Rather, you selected your lord poorly. You worked for a mortal man. One might as well work for a jackass. Consider: had you done the same labors, but presented them to Christ as your Lord, how much greater your reward would be! If your service is to Him, then your reward is from Him, is it not? All of us take a master of one sort another; the wise choose Christ.

If you will do this, you will cease to work to please others around you. You may think that foolish, but consider: can you offer Christ anything but the finest of service? It would be foolish to try. Therefore you will give your best to Him. He will reward you; do not be surprised if those about you favor you as well. Hard work softens a hard master.

As to your discouragement, turn to prayer and to praise. If you will go to Him in prayer you must acknowledge your needs to Him. Cast your burdens upon Him! But do not neglect the power of praise. If you are to converse with the Almighty, you must know Him. If you know Him, you will praise Him.

Thus you will pray in confidence. How can you not? If you have just praised Him as Lord and King, Creator and Ruler, how can you then say that you do not believe He can be of assistance? Do you not see how praise gives confidence, which gives life to prayer?

The cardinal point is this: you must trust Him. You must trust Him to do as He promises. Deliver your life’s work to Him, trust in His reward, and you will soon see His gracious hand at work.

Confident of your success, I remain,

Isaac the alchemist

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