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Letters from an Ancient Mind

My dear young friend,

What a curious notion you have – that Satan is ruler of hell. He most certainly is not!

Satan, should it have escaped your notice, is the ruler of this world, not hell to come. I should think your president and his colleagues would have convinced you of that. This is his arena, fallen as he is.

The Scripture is quite clear on this; I wonder how you have come to such a mistake. Satan was a cherub of God, fallen from grace and dispelled from God’s presence. His descent to this world is clearly proclaimed as Jesus sent out the seventy; at the coming of the kingdom Satan fell like lightning. By your time he should be in stride.

It amuses me to hear that Satan and his demons do not exist for most of your world. Let me assure you, they are everywhere evident here. We see the effects of these demons daily; we see those of the church who are given the gift of casting them out. I can see how it would be difficult to understand in your time; evidently Satan has settled upon a policy of sinister silence. But we know him well, be assured.

There is little profit to those who inquire of his nature. Two things, and two things only, you need know. First, that he is the father of lies. Second, that he is very powerful. Indeed, were not your heavenly Father protecting you, he would certainly overwhelm you. But by God’s grace greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.

If you think not, consider this. Paul tells us explicitly that the worship of idols is the worship of demons. Such worship arose before the coming of Christ. But by your own testimony no such worship exists in your land today. How is this? Only that people are not long deceived unless there is power in the deception. No longer do the demons have such power to deceive; they have been bound by our Lord Jesus Christ. But to say they do not exist is to ignore all evidence of times prior.

Satan is the ruler of hell? If so, look to your prisons – the prisoners have taken charge of them.

As ever,

Isaac the alchemist

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