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Letters from an Ancient Mind

My dear young friend,

If you wish the right answers you must first ask the right questions. I submit to you that your question should not be, “Why did this happen to us?” It rather should be, “How is it that God held his hand so long?”

You seem to regard God as some sort of divine shield against all injury, and the source of all blessing. He is – to the righteous. But can your nation really claim to be righteous? You are servile in assuring the effeminate of your approval; you conduct abortion on a scale which exceeds that of any persecution in the history of the church; your leaders lie under oath. Should God bless such a nation as that? You look to him for love and protection. You should remember that he is righteousness itself. What fellowship can righteousness have with evil?

To my complete amazement, however, you also ask how God could use the heretics to perform his justice. Have you never read the history of Israel? Who were those whom God used to punish that holy nation? Did he not ordain the Babylonians, the Assyrians, and many more who worshiped idols? It is God’s method; he unleashes those who do not fear him to correct those who should. He will destroy them in their turn.

You must remember: God is righteous. If he were not also merciful, who among us would live? This is the lesson of the cross. Were God merciful but not righteous, why would our sins need atonement? Were he righteous but not merciful, why would he provide atonement? But he is both, and by the power of the cross we have both mercy and righteousness.

Do listen to an old man’s fears, my friend. My fear is that your nation will rise up in anger, but not righteousness. If you will not confess your sins, you must trust in your own strength to save you. If you do that, then how will you stand against the Almighty? Your power, you say, is great. But what power can prevail against the One who created all things? Do you not see that this is a hardening of your hearts? Whom God would destroy he first makes proud.

Seek Him while He may be found. The time, I fear, is short.

As ever,

Isaac the alchemist

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