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Letters from an Ancient Mind

My dear young friend,

One does wish that you had the faith to see the foolishness of your objection. You are looking at matters through the eyes of the world. Of course things look distorted in that view. Look at them through the eyes of Christ.

Your complaint, in short words, is that your ass of a ruler should be looking after you, not you after him. If he knew the proper use of his authority, he would. He does not. You know that. So you complain that you should not intercede in prayer for the man.

You are grievously mistaken. Intercession is the privilege of the mighty, not the weak. Consider, for example, that your Lord Jesus Christ makes intercession for you, as does the Holy Spirit. In times of old, prophets, priests and kings made intercession. To put the matter as principle, it is the mighty who intercede for the weak.

So your complaint is reduced to this: you presume he is mighty and you are weak. This is utterly wrong. You are the child of God. He is not. Which of the two of you is now the mighty? Is it not you, the man with access to the throne of grace upon which sits the ruler of all creation? No emperor ever born has such power and authority. You are his child.

Therefore, he rightly commands you to make intercession. Indeed, I am to make intercession for the Emperor himself. Is that not a sign that those of the church are mighty? If for the ruler of my land, then surely also for those I meet.

So do as you are commanded. Jesus knows the weakness of your faith, but he longs to hear your prayers. You are his disciple; do as he did. He prayed for those who crucified him. The Father sends his rain on the just and the unjust. So should you intercede for your enemies, as one whose heavenly Father is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Seeking always your maturity, I remain,

Isaac the alchemist

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